About National Crime Tips

94057182-3L0HIP4LORARBQRDNational Crime Tips was formed in 2010 to provide anonymous crime-reporting hotlines throughout the United States. The service is intended to provide citizens reporting crimes the guarantee of anonymity and offer the incentive of an award for tips leading to an arrest. Dedicated to preventing crime and promoting community safety, National Crime Tips also helps to locate missing children and prevent future abductions. Its website’s Missing Children section provides information concerning child safety tips and self-defense training.

National Crime Tips provides a detailed list of safety tips and a five-minute video on “stranger danger.” The safety list offers valuable information concerning the potential dangers of communicating with strangers and teaches children how to identify which strangers are safe to ask for help if lost. It advises children to keep parents and guardians informed of their whereabouts and briefly overviews potentially dangerous situations.

The website also features a short video in which Tallahassee police officer Andy Berentsen describes the key features of “good” and “bad” strangers. He also outlines the techniques potentially dangerous strangers may use to lure children close enough to abduct them. In addition, the video suggests that guardians create a safety plan with their children and enroll them in safety or self-defense classes.

To view the safety tips and video in full, visit National Crime Tip’s Missing Children page at Kids.NationalCrimeTips.org.


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